From architectural design to balance and flow, this team comes together to create and present innovative design and superior finish details for every customer.

Mary Bloom

Design Administrator

Mary joined Sun Design in 2020 as an Administrator for our Design Department. Though she is not often in front of clients, she can be found behind the scenes securing permit approvals and researching various considerations, so your project meets building regulations and land use restrictions.

At Sun Design, our goal is to transform your space through creative designs that fit your expectations, comfort, and style—all within budget. However, before your ideas can be designed, it is necessary to identify and assess any unforeseen issues from a building, zoning, or code perspective. Mary researches your intended scope and helps your Design and Production teams work through any compliance issues—ensuring your project is a success from start to finish!

When asked what she enjoys about her role at Sun Design, Mary jokingly says,
“Well, I was hoping this job would get me on HGTV one day… But then I realized, no one is interested in watching paint dry! Actually, I spent over ten years working in the public sector for urban planners and code inspectors, so it’s a good role for me, I’m very familiar with the due diligence I’m providing. And it’s important for our Designers to have informed conversations with our clients about what is most practical or cost effective for their projects. Sun Design is very considerate when looking at a project and works hard to match client objectives with their budget while navigating the time-consuming tedium of Jurisdiction requirements. It’s impressive, and I’m happy to be a part of it with the rest of the Sun Design family.”

When Mary is not in the office, she can be found playing volleyball, fixing something in her own house, gardening, or hiking with her adorable dog, Hudson!